High Pressure Calibrators

Pressure Calibrators

Manually operated hydraulic screwed pumps are designed to generate the required pressure for ‘reference calibration’.   The scope of reference calibration is to reduce the ‘time required’ for calibrating an instrument. In reference calibration, pressure instruments are calibrated against a calibrated master instrument. Kains Offers various pressure generators / comparators to meet the industry requirement.

High pressure calibrators

Kains high pressure calibrators are designed to generate pressure up to 3500 bar. The screwed Pump is integrated with a high precision high-pressure piston assembly, two instrument mounting ports and priming pump for pre-filling. It is an ideal equipment to calibrate high pressure instruments. This pump can also be used for pressure testing of small batch quantity engineering component and other devices. The medium used for calibration is industrial / hydraulic low viscosity oil. Digital gauges shown on the image are indicative only; and belongs to the respective manufacturer. One can use any make digital or analogue reference gauge as master instrument.