Vapour Filled System

Temperature Gauge

Kains Vapour filled system temperature gauges works on ‘vapour pressure difference due to temperature coefficient’ theory.   Kains uses a ‘pressurised gas chamber’ as a temperature sensor. When the chamber or bulb is get heated, the vapour pressure varies. The expansion or contraction of the vapour due to temperature is converted in to temperature reading. The pre formed bourdon tube displaces marginally due to pressure variation. The displacement is then calculated for the rotation of a sector mechanism @ 270 Deg angle. The read pointer connected to the pinion rotates in accordance and reads the temperature value marked on the clear dial. Kains Manufacturers Vapour Thermometers with bottom and back direct mounting.   KTG 22 is manufactured for every angle view with Stainless Steel 316 case and bezel and Stainless steel 316 Bulb, stem and process connection. Kains manufactured temperature gauges can be used for general industrial temperate measurement in industries like chemical, petrol chemical, gas and oil, hydraulics and other machine building, food and pharmaceutical etc...

Vapour filled system Temperature gauge- Every angle




Industrial process temperature measurement


Weather proof

Nominal Diameter

2½” * (63 mm) 4” (100 mm) 6” (150 mm)

Case Material

St. St.316

Bezel Material

St. St. 316

Bezel fitting

Bayonet Bezel

Stem material

St. St. 316L

Sensing Element

Gas filled system


Argon arc welded




Black Aluminium -


White coated Aluminium


Black ‘or’ Black and red combination for dual scale


Single / Dual

Standard Unit

Degree Celsius. (other engineering units on request)


Available in all the standard mountings


¼” /⅜” /½” /¾” / 1” NPT / BSPP / BSPT; M20x 1.5 (Fixed or adjustable)


Polycarbonate / Acrylic / Toughened glass

Available in

Negative temperature up to - 50°c

Minimum Range

0 to 60°c

Maximum range

0 to 600°c

Stem diameter

6 / 8 / 10 / 12 mm or ¼” / ⅜” / ½” ODT

Minimum Insertion length

100 mm / 4”

Maximum Insertion length

1000 mm / 40” / 3 feet


+/-1% ‘or’1.6% of FSD

Additional Fitment


Calibration Certificate

Factory calibration certificate shall be provided

*Certain ranges and stem length may not be available. Please consult factory before placing the order


Additional Fitment


Electric contact

Snap action magnetic 

1 NO/ 1 NC/ 2 NO / 2NC

1NO-1NC/ 1NC-1 NO/


380 V / 30W -50VA / 1 A (up to 10 A with rely)

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