Pan Cake Diaphragm Gauge

Diaphragm Pressure Gauge

Pan cake diaphragm gauge are manufactured to meet the requirement of various industrial process measuring applications. kains pan cake diaphragm are widely used in smart transmitters for pressure and level measurement and are used in industries such as chemical industries, petrochemical industries, milk dairies,  pharmaceutical manufacturing, other food processing Industries, water treatment systems, ETPs, STPs etc...


Pan cake diaphragm gauge



Available nominal sizes

Application based

Sealed size*

Kains general standard / customized for OEMs

(consult factory for details)


 only in pressure

Minimum pressure range

0 – 1000 mmwc / 100 mbar

Maximum pressure range

0 to 400 bar / kg/cm2/ bar

Diaphragm material

AISI St.St.316L

Bottom chamber

AISI St.St.316L


Pressure transmitters / DPTs / PGs etc..

Sealed assembly

Hermetically sealed

Diaphragm extension

By means of flexible St. St capillary with plain armoured / Teflon shielded

Diaphragm material

St. St. 316L / Hastelloy / Monel / Tantalum

Flange material

St. St. 316L / Hastelloy / Monel / Tantalum

Flange Ref. std


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